In the prophetic words of Admiral Stockdale at the 1992 Vice Presidential debate:
"Who am I, and what am I doing here?"

My branch of the Lawler family emigrated from Ireland to England and thence to the Portland, Maine area. I was the reason the we ended up in New Hampshire. In 1969, I accepted a position in the Information Systems Development Organization of Western Electric's Merrimack Valley Works in northern Massachusetts and shortly thereafter settled in southern New Hampshire. I watched as Western Electric became AT&T and AT&T begat Lucent Technologies.

I have three daughters and, thus far, five grandsons and two granddaughters.

Careerwise, I quickly grew tired of application development and moved into the operating systems support area. Over the years, I worked on IBM operating systems from MVT to SVS to early MVS, but I spent most of my career in the UNIX area. Might say I fell in love with UNIX. In fact, in recent years I became a self-proclaimed UNIX bigot. I've administered various UNIX systems ranging from AT&T System V to Sun Solaris 8. In 2001, I jumped at the opportunity to retire early and now I'm doing whatever I want.

My job now is to spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren and, as you might have inferred from the beginning of this narative, research the genealogy of the Lawler family. It's been interesting. I've kicked myself many times for not having had the presence of mind to ask questions of people while I still had the opportunity to do so. But that's what I get. I'm chipping away at it.

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